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What is the difference between New, New/Refurb,
Refurb or Used ?


New in original packaging, may have been opened for inspection and or Testing. Should still have O.E.M. Warranty. If not, 90-Day warranty.
Looks New, may have just been opened for inspection, testing or used for demos.
May still have the O.E.M. Warranty.
If not 30-Day warranty.

All Refurbished parts have been cleaned and tested.  All defective or questionable parts have been replaced and tested again to O.E.M. specs.
Refurbished parts may have minor cosmetic defects (slight discoloration, marks or small cracks)
but most will look new or almost new.
All Refurbished parts have a 30-Day warranty.


Used parts have all the dust bunnies blown out and powered up with no errors. 7 days DOA.
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What is New,
Refurb or Used?
Sales and
Return Policies.
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