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 IBM 4694 Terminal

The IBM 4694 Series P.O.S. Terminals
have many configurations available.
Some  can be configured as Controllers.
All can be configured as simple Terminals.
The IBM 4694 Series Terminals can be customized
to fit most Retail Environments.
There are many options and Peripherals available.
Below is a list of  the most popular Controller
or Terminal base units we sell.
We can also customize to other specifications.
Prices are for the Terminals only.
Peripherals and other options are sold seperately.                                              
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IBM 4694 Terminals
Image Item ID: Description: Cond: Price: QTY:
4694-144 4694-144 Base Base Terminal, 100Mhz, 16MB, Floppy Refurb $375.00 Call
4694-146 4694-146 Base Base Terminal, 100MHz, 32MB, Floppy & Dump Switch Refurb $400.00 Call
4694-244 4694-244 Base Base, 166MHz to 266MHz, 32MB, Floppy Refurb $450.00 Call
4694-244 4694-244 DD DD Controller, 266MHz, 32MB, Hard Drive & Floppy Refurb $475.00 Call
4694-245 4694-245 Base Base Terminal, 300MHz, 64MB, Floppy Refurb $475.00 Call
4694-245 4694-245 DD DD Controller, 300MHz, 64MB, Hard Drive & Floppy Refurb $500.00 Call
4694-246 4694-246 Base Base Terminal, 550MHz, 128MB, Floppy & Dump Switch Refurb Call Call
4694-347 4694-347 DD DD Controller, 866MHz, 128MB, Hard Drive & Floppy Refurb Call Call
IBM 4694 Terminal Options
Image Item ID: FRU#: P/N's: Description: Cond: Price: QTY:
59G8681 59G8681 59G8681 53224700 144 Riser Card,   No dump switch Refurb $50.00 Call
85H4975 85H4975 85H4975 53262301 144 Riser Card with Dump Switch Refurb $100.00 Call
85H5001 85H5001 85H5001 53262002 244/245 Riser Card, No Dump Swtch Refurb $100.00 Call
92G9495 92G9495 92G9495 53262001 244/245 Riser Card w/ BBU & Dump Refurb $100.00 Call
42L0052 42L0052 42L0052 NF 244/245 Riser Card w/ Power Mgnt Refurb $100.00 Call
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