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Image Item ID: IBM#'s: Other#'s: Description: Cond: Price: QTY
469X-3325 469X-3325 59G9146
IBM 469X #5 Integrated
Keyboard Cable
Nw/Rfb $25.00 Call
469X-3326 469X-3326 6316857 A78575 IBM 469X #5 Distributed
Keyboard Cable
Nw/Rfb $30.00 Call
469X-3344 469X-3344 73G0933
IBM 469X #4 Integrated
Display Cable
Nw/Rfb $25.00 Call
469X-3345 469X-3345 73G0935
C98592A IBM 469X #4 Distributed
Display Cable
Nw/Rfb $30.00 Call
469X-3364 469X-3364 6316831
IBM 469X, #3 Integrated
Cash Drawer Cable
Nw/Rfb $25.00 Call
469X-3365 469X-3365 6316832 A78575 IBM 469X #3 Distributed
Cash Drawer Cable
Nw/Rfb $30.00 Call
469X-3384 469X-3384 93F0533
IBM 469X #7 Integrated
Printer Cable
Nw/Rfb $25.00 Call
469X-3385 469X-3385 93F0534 C41982 IBM 469X #7 Distributed
Printer Cable
Nw/Rfb $30.00 Call
497-0301390 497-0301390 N/A 1416-C070-0040 NCR 787X to IBM 469X Scanner / Scale Cable, 13' Nw/Rfb $30.00 Call
497-0301391 497-0301391 N/A 1416-C070-0080 NCR 787X to IBM 469X Scanner / Scale Cable, 26' Nw/Rfb $35.00 Call
6391X2C 6391X2C N/A 6391X2C IBM 469X, #4 "Y" Cable.
Cross wired for Dual Display's
New  $125.00 Call
6391X2C 6391X2S N/A 6391X2S IBM 469X, #4 or #9, "Y" Cable, straight wired for EFT / Scanner New $125.00 Call
73G1212 73G1212 N/A C98591 IBM 469X  #4 Display "Y"
Cable Block
Nw/Rfb $50.00 13
42L0098 42L0098 07P1349 42L0098 IBM Ethernet Patch Cable, 10' New $ 5.00 Call
AC Power Cable 006-1002021 N/A 1416-C422-0030 NCR AC Power Cable,
Right Angle, 10A 125V, 10'
Nw/Rfb $ 5.00 Call
AC Twist Lock Power Cable 250-0023191 N/A N/A NCR AC Power Cable,
Twist Lock, 10A 125V, 10'
Nw/Rfb $ 5.00  Call
IBM AC Power Jumper Cable E24642 LL44397 6952272 IBM AC Power Jumper Cable 5' Nw/Rfb $10.00  Call

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