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Honeywell Batteries
IBM 4694 Terminals
IBM 4690 Servers
IBM 4694 Peripherals
IBM 4694 Misc. Parts
IBM 4694 Cables
Honeywell Batteries for

Wireless Mobile Devices.
IBM 4694
IBM 4694 Terminals
Google Map
Google Map
NCR 7875 Scanners/Parts
SCSI Drives / Controllers
Symbol Scanner Parts
All Kinds of Cables
IBM 8476-XXX
IBM 4694 Servers
Netfinity 3000, 8476
eServer xSeries 200
IBM 4694 Peripherals
  IBM 4694 Peripherals
Printers, Keyboards, Displays, Monitors,

Cash Drawers
What is New,
Refurb or Used?
IBM 4694 Misc. Parts

 Keys, Locks, Keycaps, Cabinet Panels, Fillers and Custom Keyboard Lables.
469X Cables
IBM 4694 Cables,
4694 to NCR 787X
Cat5, USB, Power and other cables.
Sales and
Return Policies.

NCR 7875 Scanner
NCR 7875 Scanners,
Replacement Glass, Cables and other Parts.
PDT 3140
Symbol Mobile
Scanner's & Parts
Kim Komando
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